magnetic jewelry


I have heard a lot of about magnetic jewelry. I doubted that they could relief pains. However, I was amazed to see the result when my brother brought a jewelry braced for my mothers. It provided relief to her.  She has been suffering pain in her wrists for a long time and all the pain killers had failed to lessen her pains.

You can buy all kind of magnetic jewelry from It has bands, necklaces and rings.

burlap tote bags at this site


One can buy burlap tote bags at this site at reasonable prices.

People who have attended my family marriage ceremonies know that we offer gifts to our guests in small bags. The gift bag contains different types of sweets for adults and children.  In the same way western people give gifts to their guests too.

Yamaha DGX-650 88-Key Graded Hammer Action Digital Piano


The good yamaha dgx 650 is impressive piano. Yamaha is a well-known name in the music industry. This digital piano has features which will enable you to learn, play and share music smoothly. People of all skill levels can use the piano easily.

the security and integrity of Pakistan will be threatened if Taliban Sharia or their version of Islam was imposed on us


In response to a question about the America’s war Mr. Hussain said, “ It is said that American has imposed this war on us. It is wrong to say that. No one can impose anything on a person. Our rulers in the past allowed America to impose its war on us because they offered them dollars. Acts of terrorism by Taliban, massacres and unrest in the country is because of the wrong policies of our leaders in the past.”

Mr. Hussain warned the security and integrity of Pakistan will be threatened if Taliban Sharia or their version of Islam was imposes on us. He added that if the civilian government did not take bold steps to tackle terrorism then it would embolden Taliban terrorists.

Respect the places of worship of non-Muslims


“For you is your religion, and for me is my religion, says the Quran. The Quran has made it clear we cannot force anyone to follow our religion. The Prophet (SAW) and his pious companions have stressed us to respect the places of worship of non-Muslims and they should be not destroyed. They will also try to destroy our mosques in retaliation if we try to destroy their places of worship, “ Mr. Hussain said.

we got pumps facebook page


Most of us spend a lot of time of Facebook. We connect with our childhood friends as well as newspapers and companies through their facebook pages We got pumps has introduced their its we got pumps facebook page
This page will help their new and old customers find information about their products. They sell different types of pumps made by well known companies.

PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar


PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar are popular among guitarists too. They are made in Korea by talented craftsmen. It is  popular because of its racy flattop double cutaway body. It features mahogany neck and maple top. Guitarists say it 24-fret responses well to challenging riff. It also comes with a a PRS-designed tremolo.

One can buy prs se custom 24 at guitar center.

ovation bass guitar


The Ovation Celebrity acoustic\-electric bass is popular among guitarists too. They say it offers great performance. It features white bound Rosewood fingerboard and comes with Abalone Micro-Dots. It has a 34” scale and OP4BT w/On-Board Tuner. One can buy ovation bass guitar at musicians friend .

fender pa system


Take a look at his exciting fender pa system. It is a powerful system for leaders and event managers who want to provide clear and crisp sound to public at an affordable price. The Fender Passport 300 PRO portable PA system is a six channel system. It offers 300W, jack for sub-woofer and powerful speakers with 8” woofer. I would like to mention an important thing about this system. It offers Phantom power on mic input channels.

Ashok Chakra for Andhra Pradesh’s braveheart cop, who died fighting Maoists


President Pranab Mukherjee today conferred the Ashok Chakra, the highest peacetime gallantry award, to Sub-Inspector K Prasad Babu on India’s 65th Republic Day. A Sub-Inspector in Greyhounds, the anti-naxal force of Andhra Pradesh, Prasad lost his life in April last year during an operation where nine Maoists were killed and four commandos were rescued near the Chhattisgarh-Andhra Pradesh border.

I admire the bravery and courage of this young man who died for us. Brave man like K Prasad Babu protect us from the criminals and terrorists. We should be thankful for their sacrifices and hard work.

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